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Neolokal considers itself timeless – We must preserve our past for future generations. Neolokal embracesinnovation while staying grounded in the wisdom passed to us. This valuable knowledge encompasses treasured traditions and lost cultures, which Neolokal strives to safeguard.  Neolokal acts as an authenticbridge connecting the past and the future, presenting age-old dishes in a modernized form to be embraced long into the future. We do this by valuing and respecting Mother Earth, our heritage, and our traditions.

At Neolokal, we recognize the looming loss of precious traditions on the verge of being forgotten due to lack of consumption. In each of these flavors, you may rediscover a fragment of your life or gain insights into the abundant offerings of this land. Neolokal labors diligently to transform each ingredient into an honest and authentic dish, tracing its origins and embracing its inherent essence. Together, we can indulge in the goodness, truth, and authenticity that our culinary creations embody, presented in their most delectable form.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us.


The Neolokal team, led by Chef Maksut Aşkar, comprises young and talented individuals who are taught to meticulously examine traditional recipes and incorporate vanishing ingredients due to lack of consumption.

Chef Maksut Aşkar states, “If we don’t take care of it, the next generation will have nothing left to take care of.”


We firmly believe that for our traditions to endure, they must be adapted and made sustainable in today’s context. At Neolokal, we aim to safeguard our heritage for generations to come. Drawing inspiration from Mother Earth, we continually learn from our history, traditions, and forgotten cultures, constantly renewing and elevating ourselves. We aspire to be a role model for future chefs and the young talent who grow through the institute of our kitchen. We strive to carry our culinary legacy into the future, empowering the next generation to proudly bear the flag of our traditions.


Our dedicated producers play an integral role in contributing to the essence of each plate. We Consciously Collaborate with passionate producers who share our commitment to social, ethical, and environmental standards. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in propelling our culinary adventure and shaping us into who we are today.


In addition to our direct communication with food producers, we actively engage in supply models that promote and support production. Our suppliers act as bridges connecting us with numerous producers across Anatolia. We have been producing and developing new products with Beyhan Uzunçarşılıoğlu at the Urban Garden in Gümüşdere, 25 kilometers away from our restaurant since we opened.


Neolokal is located across the historical peninsula in Karaköy, historically known as a bustling trade port.Located on Bankalar Street, where numerous banks once served the port, the restaurant is situated in the first-degree historical building that served as the Ottoman Bank headquarters from 1892 to 1999.  

in November 2011, having undergone various structural interventions, the building was transformed into Salt Galata, a multifunctional space highlighting the building’s original architectural features while accommodating diverse activities.

Salt Galata houses Salt Research, a specialized library, an auditorium for organized talks and conferences, and exhibition and event spaces. Salt Galata also hosts a permanent exhibition that sheds light on the 145-year history of the institution featuring documents from the Ottoman Bank Museum Collection.


SALT Galata
Bankalar Caddesi
Karaköy 34420 İstanbul Türkiye
Vale servisimiz vardır.