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We believe that those who take the time to preserve and care for their traditions ensure a brighter future. It is through these deeply engrained traditions that we have learned to taste and learned to live. Even with need of adaptation to modern day, it is our responsibility to maintain and pass on our heritage to the next generation. At neolokal, we humbly share by redefining the borders of taste.

We consider ourselves timeless. This gives us the opportunity to renew ourselves yet continue learning from the foundations of past tradition and lost culture. We are a bridge between the old and the new. The taste of our dishes come from the past but are presented in a modern way to be enjoyed well into the future. We thank you for joining us on this journey.


The neolokal team aims to serve our guests genuine food inspired by mother earth.  We examine traditional recipes to the finest of details blending in any endangered foods of our heritage. Chef maksut aşkar leads his young and curious team with the understanding that we must protect our food for the next generations to come. By combining modern techniques with innovative perspectives, a new and refined approach to local cuisine is gained.


At neolokal, we offer exclusively designed dishes that provide an opportunity to reminisce in traditions threatened by extinction as they are no longer commonly used anymore.  In each of these tastes you will gain a glimpse of what this land has always offered. We strive to present you a real, honest meal by sourcing first-hand each ingredient.


SALT Galata
Bankalar Avenue
Karaköy 34420 İstanbul Türkiye